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claiming a stake of the future

Buy Viagra 25 mg in Alexandria Virginia, Where to buy Viagra without prescription in Hampton Virginia

We are a network of entrepreneurs, investors and innovators on a mission to bring the most promising ideas and innovations to help solve real problems and have a maximum positive impact in the region.


The Team, Collectively Boost more than 50 Years of Experience in the ICT sector internationally and in the Arab world. They have Founded, Managed, and Invested in Internet Ventures and have been Engaged in the Internet, Technology & Media Ventures in MENAbeyond.

Combined with a Team of Professionals from Different Countries Covering: This lists includes Data scientists, Media, Internet, ICT, IPR, Finance, Legal, Investment Banking, Project Management.

Thu, this is an easy approach for clients in the MENA region as with highly qualified professionals.


  • Trio Investments LLC is a Qatar based technology investment company, its objective is to identify the digital intervention that will help to transform key industries in MENA and create a meaningful impact.
  • Technology innovations, when combined with social and business model innovations, can fundamentally disrupt industries and economies, due to different values and effects it creates. This disruption creates an entirely new business opportunity. One can start to see this disruption
    occurring in many sectors such as health, education, media and transportation and even construction. Thus, this is when Trio Investment steps in.
  • We focus on technological innovations to tackle our most pressing social and environmental challenges whether in healthcare, education or the natural environment and then create real advancement and sustainable future will be purposeful.

  • We are focusing on two sectors, Healthcare and Logistics. environment and then create real advancement and sustainable future will be purposeful.