you can try here Companies that would potentially benefit Trio Investments in providing them Data Services:

Smart Consulting- The do a number of services that is very beneficial if we are providing a big data as one of our services

Tamr- They are good with organizing Data which is necessary for our company if we are given large amounts of Data

QCRI- Good Research and Data analytics skills- we could definitely get them to work on a project in the long run

Carnegie Mellon Graduates- we could have a few graduates help us with basic services like cleaning the data and other roles

Three questions when dealing with big data (basically the four points below that DrHessa has gathered)

  1. How to manage data?
  2. How to organize data?
  3. How to data analyse?

Services we will provide

  • Customer life Time Value and Marketing- understanding the behavioral patterns of clients/users/audience
  • Predictive analytics- analyzing data

In order to gain a competitive advantage in today’s market, companies are pushing towards making data based business decisions. The ability for a company to control in their data and tackle problems using data analytics is the key to their success. Trio Data allows companies to solve problems using data that is sitting in their files waiting to be discovered. Our expertise lies in Big Data Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Media Analytics, Revenue Management and Optimization.

Fildena extra power Big Data Analytics: We are able to clean, organize and analyze high volume data efficiently and effectively.

azithromycin capsule price Predictive Analytics: We provide predictive analytics across industries by utilizing industry and company data to find trends and causal relationships in a business.

Media Analytics: We allow businesses to tap into their media data by allowing a system that accurately targets audiences and optimize advertisements by increasing the effectiveness of the ads and minimizing the cost.

Revenue Management: With our experts in regional economy and market fluctuations and access to company data we allow businesses to maximize revenues by optimizing decisions and forecasting trends.

Optimization: We will help businesses make the best decisions to maximize or minimize their problem output using optimization analysis.


Through Big Data Analytics we help companies discover the potential business benefits that their data can provide them. We have the ability to clean high volume data and providing holistic analysis on the data’s usefulness to answer business decisions. We monitor how the key metrics of a business change and what causes them to change through combining data from across the business. Our expertise in Predictive Analytics allows business to understand what will happen next by utilizing industry data to find trends and causal relationships. Finally, we will use this information to help optimize a company’s business decisions.

Discover- What Value exists in your data?

  • Evaluate the quality and potential business value of your data
  • Data collection preparation and cleansing

Describe- What Happened and Why?

  • Designing and delivering business information output with user- friendly interface to show what is happening in your business.
  • Combining data sets to reveal trends, patterns, triggers and casual relationships to begin to explain the important of why questions

Predict- What might happen next?

  • Combining past data patterns with industry and company knowledge, to more accurately anticipate the future
  • Building an automated and embedded solution that updates as new data comes in and so constantly improve predictive outcomes
  • Identifying and prediction very specific hidden activities such as fraud and market manipulations if these are considered potential risk

Optimize- What is the right answer for your business?

  • Evaluating insights and completing incremental analysis
  • Reviewing aspects of your strategy or operations, the balance of risk and cost efficiency, or tactics at an individual customer
  • Identifying every opportunity to munities and make the most of data as strategic assets via the launch of innovative new business models